Talk 82: The Importance of Reading the Lives of Saints when Dealing with the Heresies of Ecumenism and Covidism - Part 1

Orthodox Talks by Priestmonk Kosmas

Episode notes

We read in several lives of the saints that they had to deal with various heresies in their time. Today the Orthodox Church is faced with two heresies: ecumenism and covidism. The heresy of ecumenism has been around for approximately 100 years, while the heresy of covidism began in 2020. Much has been written about ecumenism by our saints and holy elders, and the faithful are thus better equipped to deal with this heresy. Because the heresy of covidism is new, however, many of the faithful were justifiably confused - and even deceived - when it manifested.

What is covidism? It is the heretical belief that one can contract diseases from a place, object or sanctified person in which the grace of God dwells – or more generally, that the grace of God bears no power at all to defend the faithful from sickness, particularly Covid-19.

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