Openly SpokenExplicit

by Cilia Antoniou

Openly Spoken is the podcast to help you show up, speak out, and be seen in your new era of self love and relationships. It's my heart's deepest desire to help more women & non-binary folks drop deeply into their bodies, celebrate all parts of themselves, and become self expressed babes/beings. Hosted by self love & s.xuality coach, Cilia "Lia" Antoniou. Next season comes out Spring 2024. Connect on IG @selfexpressed ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Self Love during Menopause with Adonica Albert

    Self Love during Menopause with Adonica Albert

    Adonica Albert is a woman on a mission to redefine menopause with humor and holistic wellness practices. As she journeys through this transformative phase of life, Adonica embraces laughter and the benefits of red light therapy to alleviate menopausal symptoms and promote overall well-being. Adonica is also the owner of Cellebrate Light, a red light therapy center in Alberta, Canada. In this conversation, we meander through experiences of menopause and loving your body through all of its changes through hormones and health. Connect with Adonica: Linkedin- Facebook Group for Red Light Therapy- Instagram-

  • Female Anatomy of Pleasure with Kimber Rose

    Female Anatomy of Pleasure with Kimber Rose

    Kimber is a Somatic Intimacy Coach who comes with a nursing background of 30 years; 12 of those years have been dedicated to educating women about sexual health and how to spice things up in their relationships. Kimber’s is a certificated as a VITA Sex Coach and created The Intimacy Vault, a safe learning/coaching space for cis-gendered individuals and couples to learn about sexual health and intimacy-enhancing practices In this episode we chat about: The lack of sexual education for women The G-Zone orgasm Self Pleasure Pussy Consciousness Watch this episode on YouTube: Connect with Kimber on Instagram:

  • Destigmatizing STIs and STDs with ChiChi Yip

    Destigmatizing STIs and STDs with ChiChi Yip

    Christy Yip (you can call her ChiChi) is an Empowerment Coach who inspires women to be their most authentic, self-expressed selves so they can live unapologetic, pleasure-filled lives, and recognize their worth so they can manifest what they deserve. Chichi hosts the Sistriarchy Sessions podcast which talks about self-love, social issues, spiritual growth, and personal development. Watch this episode on Youtube: Find ChiChi on IG:

  • Dropping Mindset Work into your BODY

    Dropping Mindset Work into your BODY

    The importance of bringing mindset work into the body and a step-by-step process on how to do that. Download this free PDF to have the steps (and playlists mentioned) to easily drop into this practice again and again: Watch this episode on Youtube:

  • Nourishing your Sensual Self with Amber Kay

    Nourishing your Sensual Self with Amber Kay

    If you’re a woman and your sex life is having you ask yourself “What is wrong with me?”, then this episode is for you. Amber holds the space for women to alchemize their “good girl” conditioning through somatic healing and mentorship, into queen energy, so they experience fulfilling relationships, better sex, and more pleasure in their daily lives. Her mission is that women tap into their body’s wisdom so they can live fully and in their divine essence. In this chat, we talk about: -What is sensuality? And how is it different from sexuality? -How dropping deeper into your body- into your senses- can incredibly enhance sex -What a wide spectrum of sexuality there is aside from the monogamous, heteronormative idea we’re taught -How different every woman is and how different our sexuality is from what’s portrayed in the media (nothing is wrong with you!!) Connect with Amber on IG: Amber’s website: Watch this episode on Youtube: