On Wewoka

by WEHO Productions

On Wewoka is a collection of casual conversations between KOSU radio personality and artist Jack Fowler and residents of Wewoka, Oklahoma (pop. 3,721).

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Lonnell Alexander

    Lonnell Alexander

    Mentors, music class, and coaching every sport ever invented

  • Ann and Raymond Cain

    Ann and Raymond Cain

    Chester Pittman, being a celebrity, and spanking other people's kids

  • Mike Esser

    Mike Esser

    Babysitting for free, gambling habits, and the New York Yankees

  • Melissa Washington

    Melissa Washington

    Stories we tell our children, COVID stress, and Kenyan real estate

  • Blaine Butner

    Blaine Butner

    Golf, the destructive genetic tendencies of Butner babies, and being arrested at gunpoint