On The Journey Conversations

by National WMU, Sandy Wisdom-Martin

Listen to engaging conversations that will inspire you to go deeper in your Christian faith walk. This podcast is designed for women who want to develop a missional lifestyle. 

Podcast episodes

  • E63 - Can I Ask You a Question?

    E63 - Can I Ask You a Question?

    The Cooperative Program Stage provides an opportunity for messengers to the SBC Annual Meeting to hear firsthand reports about a variety of SBC missions and ministries. Listen to a panel discuss making disciples of Jesus who live ...

  • E62 - Filipinos Are Worth Dying For

    E62 - Filipinos Are Worth Dying For

    Today’s conversation is with Mark Stevens who serves with the International Mission Board. In March of 2003, terrorists placed a bomb at a small airport in the Philippines. The explosion took the lives of 23 people including our m...

  • E61 - Happy Birthday, WMU!

    E61 - Happy Birthday, WMU!

    We don’t live in a fixed time in history. We are always pressing forward to the future God has for us. The stories of our past help propel us. The vision that motivated women 134 years ago is the same today because it is God’s vis...

  • E60 - Purpose in Pain

    E60 - Purpose in Pain

    Author Julie Busler says, “Depression doesn’t always look like lying in bed crying all day.” From an outsider’s point of view, Julie’s life would have seemed picture perfect, even remarkable to those who knew she had experienced t...

  • E59 - Beyond Your Own Space

    E59 - Beyond Your Own Space

    Missie Branch, director of graduate life and assistant dean of students to women at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary shares how to get beyond your own space to make relationships with people that are different than you. L...