On The Journey Conversations

by National WMU, Sandy Wisdom-Martin

Listen to engaging conversations that will inspire you to go deeper in your Christian faith walk. This podcast is designed for women who want to develop a missional lifestyle. 

Podcast episodes

  • E46 - A Calling to Foster Care

    E46 - A Calling to Foster Care

    Diane was serving in Baptist collegiate ministry when she accompanied four students on a missions trip to Haiti, an experience that changed her life. There, they helped minister to 65 orphaned children whose parents were killed by...

    Jul 20 2021
    Jul 20 2021
  • E45 - Nurturing Healthy Families Through the Ministry of Adoption

    E45 - Nurturing Healthy Families Through the Ministry of Adoption

    It was decades ago, but Becky Bruns can still vividly recall the feelings of grief and loss when it came time for a baby boy to leave their home. Even though the Bruns were providing interim care and never intended to be an adopti...

    Jul 07 2021
    Jul 07 2021
  • E44 - Words Sting

    E44 - Words Sting

    In this episode Sandy continues her reflection on the power of words from Episode 43, in particular, how we are to respond as Christians when words spoken to us sting. Maybe they were harsh or critical. Maybe they were spoken in a...

    Jun 23 2021
    Jun 23 2021
  • E43 - Taming the Tongue

    E43 - Taming the Tongue

    In this episode Sandy reflects, “It seems what defines our culture today is perpetual outrage at a fevered pitch, and it has affected and infected God's people. Instead of being salt and light, instead of displaying the grace and ...

    Jun 09 2021
    Jun 09 2021
  • E42 - Stories from the Road

    E42 - Stories from the Road

    It all started with one insightful question. Pam asked her husband, “If you could do anything you wanted to, what would that be?” Trennis replied he would love to return to his roots in Christian journalism . . . to tell compellin...

    May 26 2021
    May 26 2021