On The Cusp

by Dave Smith and Matt Snyder

Launching and growing a new business comes with its share of unpredictable challenges — but it doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. On the Cusp, a new podcast launching in October by BRF's Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP) serves as a way to help business owners communicate with each other through storytelling. It will feature practical advice from entrepreneurs and small business owners who are actively changing the ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 5

  • The Right Destination

    The Right Destination

    Is Shreveport really that great of a place to live? From cost of living, and lifestyle, to our food scene and activities, there's so much more to Northwest Louisiana than meets the eye, and today's guest will tell us why.Meet Lisa Hargrove, a realtor in and from Northwest Louisiana with over 40 years of experience. We dive into the real estate market, who is moving here and why, and if people are really leaving as quickly as they come (spoiler alert, they aren't)!Tune in!

  • Season 4

  • The Edge

    The Edge

    Trent Wierick of Edge Physical Therapy graduated from LSU Health Science Center-Shreveport with a Masters degree in Physical Therapy in 2005 and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2008. He began his physical therapy career as an out-patient physical therapist at LSU Health Science Center-Shreveport (now Oschner Health) and practiced in hospital-based as well as private clinics. Trent then joined his classmate, Anna Moore, at the Edge Physical Therapy in 2013.Tune in!

  • Keep Taking Risks

    Keep Taking Risks

    From slinging oysters to stirring up cocktails, Chase Boytim is a Shreveport OG when it comes to entrepreneurship. Boytim has spent years working with other visionaries in the city to create events and experiences to attract the public, other businesses, and investors into parts of downtown Shreveport that wouldn't normally see much foot traffic - bringing life to the area.Tune in!

  • Peace to the World

    Peace to the World

    We're kicking off Veteran's Day week with a 30-year Air Force Veteran who, in his last active duty military job, served as the Director of Strategic Plans, Programs and Requirements at Air Force Global Strike Command located at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana.Meet Gerald Goodfellow, a retired United States Air Force brigadier general, and the current CEO and Founder of the Small Business Consulting Corporation (SBCC), Through Strategic Partnerships with the US Air Force, he helps the Air Force find and connect with innovative companies to help transition their best technologies for the nation’s most critical defense missions.Fun fact about Goodfellow: He holds the World-Record for the “Fastest Non-stop Flight Around-the-World,” which he flew in a B-1 Bomber. For this World-Record flight, he was awarded the Air Force’s top aerial achievement award, the Mackay Trophy, which is on permanent display at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C., for the “Most Meritorious Aerial Flight of the Year.”Tune in!

  • It's About The People

    It's About The People

    Meet Dr. John George, this week's podcast guest and president and CEO of BRF (for Building our Region’s Future), an innovative economic development organization establishing North Louisiana as a preferred destination for high-growth businesses through its programs and initiatives.With a diverse background in geology, medicine, and business, Dr. George possesses a unique combination of business development, investment management, and clinical management expertise.Tune in!