Exploring $OHM at OlympusDAO

by Asfi

When I learned about $OHM I thought it was too good to be true. Since that day I've been trying to "break it" and understand it better. As I internalize ideas I generally share them in the form Twitter threads or videos. Periodically I host Twitter spaces. These podcasts are recordings of those spaces. NOTE: All of them start after 60 seconds or so. First 60 seconds is likely silence. Forward that.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Women in crypto

    Women in crypto

    I want to see more women in crypto, particularly at OlympusDAO. So we hosted this talk with CEO of Althea, Deborah Simpier and fellow Ohmie Keisha on their experiences as women. A discord server for women was set up as well by Tiger Lily. I love my Ohmies.

  • Casual Ohmie Hangout

    Casual Ohmie Hangout

    Sometimes I just hang out with Ohmies on Twitter spaces. This was the first time we did that. Just vibes, nothing serious.

  • Rebasing Token Tax with TokenTax

    Rebasing Token Tax with TokenTax

    Rebasing tokens will be a strange item for tax authorities to deal with. In this episode we extrapolate likely treatment of rebasing tokens based on current guidance. None of this is tax or financial advice.

  • OlympusDAO 101 with Kalsoom and Asfi

    OlympusDAO 101 with Kalsoom and Asfi

    Kalsoom is Founder & CEO of a VC firm i2i ventures. I have collaborated closely with her over the years but she is not into crypto and does not know much about OHM. We hosted this dialogue to help folks not familiar with OHM understand the basics.