S01 E59 - The Odds Brothers | Episode 59

The Odds Brothers by Betly Sportsbook
Moneyline Mark and Point Spread Shane eat a bunch of crow and cry (just a tear or two) on their busted brackets and the overall upsets that occurred during the first two rounds of the “Madness”. For redemption, they try and pick some NBA action for tonight to “try and get right”.
Mar 21 2023

hello everyone odds brothers
coming to you on a Monday March
20th another WTF Monday is
brackets are busted everywhere
and that includes myself and my
fellow cohort money line mark
even though he is technically
ahead of me right now. Yeah
these brackets suck. Ribbit
roll that beautiful beam footage
of the odds brothers podcast
follow the odds brothers podcast
on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google
and YouTube. Now here are the
hosts of the show money line
mark. I'm not a smart man and
points spread shame. It's not
gonna take the wrong week.
Alright everybody. Yes, it's the
odds brothers podcast coming to
you from South and Casino and
hotel and scenic West
and point spread Shane. That's
money line mark. Yeah, we're
that close. My skin turns
different tones. Look at yeah.
Alright anyway. We'v

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