[SPECIAL EP.] Invisible Ticket: An Unwritten Library


Episode notes

BOBBLEHAUS presents a snapshot into the thousands of albums that make up Brian Ahlborn's personal library. Ahlborn has written personal stories about a number of the albums on display that help walk the viewer through his journey. The Unwritten Library exhibition also includes a live listening lounge, album trading, and a custom album decorating station.

Growing up in a small farming town in Indiana in the 1970s, Ahlborn describes his collection of over 1200 albums as his “ticket to another place.” For the months of February and March, Bobblehaus is thrilled to present Invisible Ticket: An Unwritten Library as an exhibition honoring music as a love language.

This exhibition is an intimate view into the impact music can have on a person and a family, across many generations. As Ahlborn puts it, “To me, music has been  ... 

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