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Sarah Mineiro - Acquisition Reform in the Nuclear Enterprise/Embedding AI in NC3

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Episode notes
Sarah Mineiro is the founder and CEO of Tanagra Enterprises, a defense, intelligence, space, science and technology consulting firm based in the national capital region. Previously, Sarah was the Senior Director of Space Strategy for Anduril Industries. Sarah was the Staff Lead for the Strategic Forces Subcommittee for the House Armed Service Committee (HASC). She led the Subcommittee’s legislative and oversight activities of all Department of Defense and Military Intelligence Program space programs, U.S. nuclear weapons, missile defense, directed energy, and hypersonic systems. Sarah was the senior legislative advisor to Chairman Mac Thornberryon all strategic force's issues. In this role she was the primary drafter and negotiator of the Space Force and Space Commandlegislation for the House Republicans.Prior to joining the HASC, Sarah served in th ...   ...  Read more