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Ray Smith (Part 1) - The History of Oak Ridge and Y-12 to Present Day

NucleCast by ANWA Deterrence Center

Episode notes

With nearly 53 years living and working in Oak Ridge, TN, Ray has developed an extensive understanding and appreciation of the heritage of Oak Ridge’s history, especially the Manhattan Project era and resulting technological advances during ensuing years. For the last 10 years of his 47-year career with the Y-12 National Security Complex, he served as the official Y-12 Historian.

Ray now serves as the Historian for the city of Oak Ridge, TN. He was appointed to that position in December 2015. Ray has co-produced the award-winning and highly acclaimed Secret City: The War Years and Secret City: 1945–2006 documentary films that have become the definitive history of Oak Ridge. He has also produced a four-episode television series of 30-minute programs ... 

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