Building a Lasting Legacy: Nurturing Work Culture and Prioritizing Self-Care with Veronica Yanhs

Nourish the Risktakers by Marissa Loewen | Create the Rules

Episode notes
You won't believe the powerful insights shared by our special guest, Veronica Yanhs, founder and CEO of Business Laid Bare, on this episode of Nourish the Risk Takers. We dive deep into the importance of asking for and receiving help, setting intentions, and prioritizing self-care to sustain your work and create a lasting legacy.Join us as Veronica generously shares her expertise on creating a nourishing work culture where team members are open to supporting each other. As we navigate through the challenges of managing tasks and assigning help, we emphasize the importance of giving grace to clients and seeing them as people first. Veronica also opens up about her personal experiences, highlighting the importance of recognizing when it's time to step back, ask for help, and extend grace to ourselves.Don't miss the eye-opening discussion on the value  ...   ...  Read more
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