Nurturing Neurodiversity: Creating Accessible Media and Empowering Risk-Takers with Briar Harvey

Nourish the Risktakers by Marissa Loewen | Create the Rules

Episode notes

In this power-packed episode, I had an in-depth conversation with Briar Harvey, founder of the Neurodiversity Media Network, about the importance of accessible and educational content, the challenges of producing and distributing content, and the potential of the creator economy. We explored the Neurodiversity Media Network's unique approach to partnering with exceptional risk-takers to create master classes in various formats, including live streams, podcasts, and written transcripts. We also discussed the benefits of Substack as a platform for distributing content and the role of founding members in supporting neurodiverse creators and the network's growth. Additionally, we touched on the importance of self-nourishment and the idea of hiring a personal assistant to support personal and professional growth. So, join me on this journey as we dive ... 

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