#133- Bern Callahan: Catholic Priest Turned Buddhist Teacher - An Authors Journey

Not in a Huff with Jackson Huff by Jackson Huff
From Catholic seminary to Buddhist monastery. This week I speak with Bern Callahan who after several years as a Catholic Priest decided his calling was somewhere else and that somewhere was in meditation and the ancient teachings of Buddha. We talk about his decision to live the Catholic faith, the similarities he has found between these  ...  See more
Mar 22 2023

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This week I'm interviewing Bern Callahan. Now he comes to us with quite the
quite the story. He was a Catholic priest. That is kind of what he came to
naturally. He came from a large Catholic family. He became a priest. He was ordained.
He did that for for several years. I believe four years. We'll talk a
little bit about that. But then he had kind of a revelation that that isn't
something he wanted to do anymore. And he kind of did a complete change and
became a teacher i

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