#132- Alise Saunders: From 6 Figure Salaries to 7 Continent Dreams, A Nomad Couples Life

Not in a Huff with Jackson Huff by Jackson Huff
What happens when the average weekly grocery runs and stable six figure salary job is no longer enough? Well, for one couple the decision was to step out of their comfort zone and start on a life of travel. For Alise Saunders it meet converting you business to one that allowed her to be a digital nomad. For her husband it meant retiring a  ...  See more
Mar 15 2023

Welcome to Not In A Huff with Jackson Huff where we interview
newsmakers, storytellers, and all around interesting people. Sit back, relax, unless
you're driving, and enjoy the show. Here's Jackson. Hello, hello, hello. I am Jackson Huff.
This is Not In A Huff. Thanks so much for joining me. As always, really
appreciated. This week I'm interviewing Elise Sanders. Now, Elise is kind of back
in that travel world. Really, obviously, enjoy travel myself. I actually pretty
soon after this is being released, will be heading on a journey myself, going
back to Europe for the first time since COVID. I've told the story about
getting almost stranded in Europe a few days into the COVID pandemic.
And a few days before the Europe ban happened when we weren't able to go.
Traumatic, finally getting back.

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