#131- Gary Silvia: Dude! What a Religion! Priest Explains Dudeism and It's Hollywood Start

Not in a Huff with Jackson Huff by Jackson Huff

Episode notes

This week we travel from bowling alleys to rug thefts with Reverend Gary Silvia as he tackles two monumental task. Trying to explain the movie "The Big Lebowski" and the Dudeist religion that come from it all to me. I could not think of a better guy to break it all down. Because, what started out as a fun thing to honor a chill movie has turned into quite a movement that has been at the forefront of Zen culture and even gay marriage. I expect to talk about something created a bit in jest, but found something that whether you dig it or not is the most serious, non-serious religion out there with a lot of great things to teach us! DUDE....You have got to listen to this one.


Gary's Website: https://thelimbermind.com/

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