#131- Gary Silvia: Dude! What a Religion! Priest Explains Dudeism and It's Hollywood Start

Not in a Huff with Jackson Huff by Jackson Huff
This week we travel from bowling alleys to rug thefts with Reverend Gary Silvia as he tackles two monumental task. Trying to explain the movie "The Big Lebowski" and the Dudeist religion that come from it all to me. I could not think of a better guy to break it all down. Because, what started out as a fun thing to honor a chill movie has  ...  See more
Mar 08 2023

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As always, really appreciate it.
This week I'm interviewing Gary Sylvia.
Now this was a fascinating conversation.
He is a priest, a reverend in the Dudeist religion.
Now you listen to that and you're thinking, what the world is that?
I feel like all I've ever heard that word is, you know, the dude in The Big Lebowski.
Now if that's the case, then you're in for quite the treat because that's actually kind
of what this religion is all based off of, The Dude in the famous movie The Big L

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