Episode notes

Charlie Lawson (yes, Jim MacDonald from Corrie) joins me for a fire-side chat....he kicks off my No Shame Here podcast, sharing why he supports me and the #NotMyShame campaign. He also gently shares his 'why' and how you could support your partner who has been raped as a child. It has been a great pleasure to spend time with Charlie since we met in 2023 and also to have met Debs, his lovely wife, who has spoken openly & compassionately with me.

There will be more conversations with me and Charlie, (ssssssh, I haven't told him that bit yet - lol - so keep it between us!) as I feel his support will add such value to survivors around the world.

On a personal note. I still have to pinch myself that Jim Macdonald from Corrie is supporting me and my mission with the NotMyShame movement...but I am very grateful that he does, he is a good ... 

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