Northwest Now

by Tom Layson

Join host Tom Layson in taking a closer look at issues and people of Western Washington.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 15

  • Matt Driscoll

    Matt Driscoll

    A discussion with Tacoma News Tribune columnist Matt Driscoll about his column, the current state of print journalism, and Tacoma in general.

  • Bring Them Home

    Bring Them Home

    Some immigrants who serve in the U.S. Military find themselves suddenly deported for minor legal infractions. Our discussion with the producer of a documentary detailing this injustice and one local man who was deported and later allowed back in the U.S.

  • Secretary of State Steve Hobbs

    Secretary of State Steve Hobbs

    A discussion about the upcoming 2024 election with Washington Secretary of State Steve Hobbs and ballot security concerns.

  • Mind Matters: Alzheimer's Disease

    Mind Matters: Alzheimer's Disease

    A discussion about the disease and some promising treatments that are on the horizon.

  • Pierce County Economy 2024

    Pierce County Economy 2024

    Our annual checkup of the Tacoma/Pierce County economy.