No Regretz Marriage

by Johnny & Carla Morton

Do marriage right and it can be as close to heaven on earth as you can get. Do it wrong... let's just say it can be a little warmer. Thirty-eight plus years of marriage, losing our firstborn after successful heart surgery, and just not being ready for all the challenges that marriage brought have given us a passion for helping couples forge a marriage that can flourish in all seasons. Join us as we share our heart, principles f ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Forging a Kindom Legacy Marriage & Family

    Forging a Kindom Legacy Marriage & Family

    “An inheritance is something you leave behind. A legacy is something you forge.” This week on the No Regretz marriage podcast we discuss how to build a marriage and family that impacts generations to come. A kingdom legacy is a model of faith in God, evidenced by a primary pursuit of eternal treasures, revealed in a marriage that portrays the gospel and focuses on building Godly generations, setting a path to follow that impacts the world for the glory of God, from generation to generation.

  • The Perfect Storm

    The Perfect Storm

    It's not always the big events that can throw your marriage off course. Sometimes the perfect storm in a marriage is the accumulations of the small things that come together and create a storm of conflict. We just went through such a storm that came up out of nowhere. Maybe you can relate. Please excuse the recording quality as we are on remote location this week and next. Keep on forging!.

  • What Does Relationship Discipleship Look Like?

    What Does Relationship Discipleship Look Like?

    Last week, we talked about the need for churches to have a relationship ministry that supported married couples and prepared singles for marriage. This week we talk about what that might look like in a church. We love the term "Relationship Discipleship." It expresses the need for churches to train members in how to do relationships well.

  • How Does Your Church Support Marriages?

    How Does Your Church Support Marriages?

    In a recent survey of churches by Communio and the Barna group, research showed that 72% of churches have no meaningful marriage ministry to support married couples. ( Relationship dsiscipleship focused on building strong, healthy marriages and educating singles on healthy dating relationships, is vital for the health of both marriages and the church in our country. In the first of two podcasts on this topic, we discuss the need for relationship discipleship in churches.

  • Daily Rituals to Help Build Your Marriage

    Daily Rituals to Help Build Your Marriage

    In past podcasts we have talked about how big rituals can help build your family and marriage. Holidays, birthdays, annual vacations, etc... are important parts of your marriage. What about daily habits and rituals? How can these everyday rituals build connection and intimacy in your marriage? join us on today's No Regretz Marriage podcast as we talk about how daily rituals can help forge a better marriage. .