LIV Botanics | Bringing The Best Of Nature To Your Skin – Sustainably

Natural Beauty Podcast by Natural Beauty Awards

Episode notes

Welcome to a new episode of the Natural Beauty Podcast, where the host Satu Mäkinen talks with Estella – the founder of the award-nominated Dutch natural cosmetics brand LIV Botanics.

LIV Botanics stands for a new, future-proof generation of skincare that combines effectiveness with sustainability and ethics.

The ingredients used in the products are not only organic, plant-based, and vegan, but also as unprocessed as possible, where possible made from upcycled ingredients, free of water, and certified micro-plastic free.

To round up the holistic approach, LIV Botanics donates 1% of their annual sales to 1% For the Planet.

The brand has three products nominated for the European Natural Beauty Awards this year 2023, and in this episode, Estella shares more details about these cosmetics. She also tells how truly green values  ... 

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