E06 - Me, Myelf, and IEPs

#NoLimits with Shelley Kenow by Shelley Kenow

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May 12 2023
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  • What is wrong with me?00:13:11 - 00:14:20

All right. Hi, everyone. I appreciate you joining me today. I'm doing something a little bit different. I will be live on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram today.

And the reason for the change is twofold, I don't normally have an opportunity to go live on Instagram because I normally have a guest. And today, unfortunately, I just received a call from my guest that was scheduled for today, Shay Spears, and she lives in a coastal region of Texas, and she was just informed that she needs to voluntarily evacuate because of the hurricane that is headed their way. So she will be rescheduling with me once everything is safe for her to do so. Hopefully in a few weeks, shea will be able to be back with me and we'll be able to go ahead with that interview. But today, since you're just going

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