E05 - Cheri Dotterer Dysgraphia Expert

#NoLimits with Shelley Kenow by Shelley Kenow

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May 12 2023
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  • What is Dysgraphia?00:11:39 - 00:12:29

You #nolimits with Cheri Dotterer today. Welcome, and thank you for joining us today on Hashtag No Limits. I'm your host, Shelley Kenow. #nolimits is about people that society puts limits on but have busted through those limits. Ophelia says in Hamlet, we know what we are, but not what we may be.

I believe this to be true and that there is no better example than the caterpillar turning into the butterfly. The caterpillar literally dissolves, literally dissolves, and its cells reform into a butterfly. As the butterfly emerges from the cocoon, it has to struggle in order for its wings to be strong enough to fly. So, obviously, this is no easy process, but neither is breaking through limits that society has set upon a person. But just like the caterpillar, when we believed in ourselves,

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