Melitta Bentz, Inventor of the Pour-Over Brew Method

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Episode notes
In this week's episode Jenni tells us about her favorite person in coffee history, the OG 3rd wave coffee connoisseur and inventor of the pour-over method of brewing coffee, Melitta Bentz and the company she founded and named after herself. In 1908, Melitta was unhappy with percolated coffee, the most common way of brewing coffee in Germany where she lived, so she set out to find a better way. After much trial and error, she finally got an idea to punch holes in the bottom of a can and use her son's blotting paper as a filter. It was genius and worked like a charm! And this the paper filter and drip method of brewing coffee that is so common today was born.The Melitta company was an immediate success. Not only did it survive both world wars, it thrived and went on to be one of the largest producers of kitchen disposable products in Europe. Today the ...   ...  Read more
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