Good Foods Awards + Pedestrian Coffee and Goshen Coffee Roasters

No Bad Reviews: A Coffee Podcast by No Bad Reviews: A Coffee Podcast

Episode notes
The Good Food Awards winners for 2023 were just announced and so we thought it fitting that Marcus should do an episode about the Good Foods Awards, given his own personal experience with the competition. In this episode, Marcus tells us about the Good Food Awards and the process to become a winner. We also highlight the two coffee roasters from Illinois who won. Pedestrian Coffee is a Chicago based coffee roaster and the second coffee company of Tim Taylor, the first being the well known Ipsento Coffee. Tim Taylor has been involved in specialty coffee for many years and is on the board of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence.Goshen Coffee is based in Edwardsville, IL, near St. Louis. Lead roaster Tony is a veteran of the coffee industry, competing in coffee competitions across the United States. He used to be the lead roaster for Kaldi Coffee, anothe ...   ...  Read more
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