Episode notes

In this episode we talk about how Jack Daniel left home as a young boy and was taken in by a pastor with a distillery side hustle run by a master distiller and enslaved man named Nathan "Nearest" Green, also known as Uncle Nearest. Young Jack became the assistant to Uncle Nearest and Uncle Nearest became like a father to Jack. When Jack was an adult, he took the opportunity to buy the distillery and took care of Nearest and his family for generations to come. The story of Uncle Nearest was lost until the 150th anniversary of Jack Daniels Whiskey when the New York Times released an article about the true history of the company. An author named Fawn Weaver read this article and had to know more.Set on writing a book on the amazing story of Jack Daniel and Uncle Nearest, Fawn traveled to Lynchburg, TN and ended up buying the farm that housed the ori ... 

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