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New Mexico Rising Podcast is an independent media production which seeks to give New Mexicans a better understanding of their political and cultural landscape, through in-depth engagement with political figures, business owners, and anyone else who is actively engaged in the effort to see our state reach it’s full potential. Hosts Thaddeus Preston & Shawn Witzemann engage in thought provoking conversations with luminaries from  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • New Mexico Rising 025 - Dani Katz


    New Mexico Rising 025 - Dani Katz


    Thaddeus and Shawn sit down for discussion with Dani Katz, word wizard and gonzo journalist extraordinaire While working to obtain Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Southern California, Ms. Katz forged her path as a literary communicator, writing about a multitude of topics for LA Weekly in the early 2000’s. She has since gone on to contribute to a plethora of publications including the Los Angeles Times, Vice, and The Santa Fe Reporter, and recently worked as a researcher and writer for the absurdly censored film “Plandemic 2: Indoctornation”, Over the last several years, she has become an expert in the realm of Quantum Languaging and conscious communication. She is the author of “Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change”, and works as a consultant, coach, and strategist for all things language. New Mexico Rising #025: Dani Katz (

  • New Mexico Rising Episode 024 - Larry "Lead" Marker


    New Mexico Rising Episode 024 - Larry "Lead" Marker


    Today on New Mexico Rising, we are going to be having a conversation with Larry Marker. Throughout the years, Mr. Marker has grown to be known as the scourge of New Mexico Commies through his understanding and weaponization of common law. From his days as an oil man near Roswell to his more recent focus on holding Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham accountable, we plan on running the gamut to understanding his vision for seeing New Mexico rise. Where can New Mexicans contact you to lend support? Email:

  • New Mexico Rising Episode 23 - Burly Cain

    New Mexico Rising Episode 23 - Burly Cain

    Today on New Mexico Rising we finally get to introduce our audience/talk with Burly Cain. He is a Native New Mexican who has lead quite a diverse collection of life experiences. After attending the University of New Mexico where he majored in Economics, Burly would go on to found and Run a Consulting Firm, a stock trading firm, with brief forays into volunteering for the GOP. But in 2015 Burly made a major pivot to public policy advocacy with stents as Director of policy and chamber efforts for the New Mexico House of Representatives during the 2015 legislative session, the Rio Grande Foundation, The National Libertarian Party, and the LP of New Mexico where he was elected and briefly served as chairman in 2016 and Ran The Gary Johnson campaign. Then in 2017, he took on the tasks of recruiting, educating, and mobilizing citizens when he stood up The NM chapter of Americans for Prosperity and became it’s State Director. There AFPNM engages friends and neighbors on key issues and encourage them to take an active role in building a community and culture of mutual benefit, where people succeed by helping one another. There work spans the political divide and was instrumental over the years in pushing policy wins as county by county right-to-work laws in the State. Follow Burly:

  • New Mexico Rising Episode 22: Erin Clements

    New Mexico Rising Episode 22: Erin Clements

    Thaddeus sat down for an update on election fraud in New Mexico with Erin Clements, voting integrity warrior. Welcome to the New Mexico Voter Fraud Report. Find out the difference between a full forensic audit and a risk limiting audit here:

  • New Mexico Rising 21 - Nate Banks

    New Mexico Rising 21 - Nate Banks

    Thaddeus & Shawn sit down with Nate Banks: Warrior for Liberty, Defier of Tyrants, and Gigantic Human Being.