Nightmare Houses

by The Narrator

Home is supposed to be where we feel most safe and secure…but sometimes, terrible things happen there. Was there was a murder, mystery or a haunting…some reason you feel unease? What was the place like before? What happens to a property after a tragic or horrible event? This series is dedicated to understanding homes that have notorious histories, bizarre stories, or unimaginable tragedies through research, analysis, logic, and... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E07 - Marilyn Monroe

    S02 E07 - Marilyn Monroe

    In the early morning hours of Sunday, August 5, 1962 the iconic actress, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bed at her 1929 Spanish Hacienda style home in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA. The superstar was only 36 ...

  • S02 E06 - Bugsy Siegel

    S02 E06 - Bugsy Siegel

    On the night of June 20, 1947, notorious Mobster Bugsy Siegel was gunned down in his mistress’s 1928 eclectic Italianate-style home in Beverly Hills. His murder has never been solved. Will we ever know who killed Bugsy Siegel? Wel...

  • S02 E05 - The Wonderland Ave Murders

    S02 E05 - The Wonderland Ave Murders

    In the early morning hours of July 1, 1981, four people were brutally beaten to death inside their 1960 mid-century rented home in Laurel Canyon. Only one person survived, but the murderers were never caught. Will the killers ever...

  • S02 E04 - Thomas Ince & Dias Dorados

    S02 E04 - Thomas Ince & Dias Dorados

    In November 1924, filmmaker Thomas Ince celebrated his birthday on William Randolph Hearst's yacht. But days later, Ince died at the Spanish-Mission style mansion he just had built. Did Thomas Ince die of natural causes, or was th...

  • S02 E03 - The Tragic Tale of Marvin Gaye

    S02 E03 - The Tragic Tale of Marvin Gaye

    On April 1, 1984, legendary singer/songwriter Marvin Gaye was shot and killed by his father in the 1905 Tudor-style mansion they shared. The world lost an iconic performer in a sudden and shocking moment. But what really happened ...