Nightmare Houses

by The Narrator

Home is supposed to be where we feel most safe and secure…but sometimes, terrible things happen there. Was there was a murder, mystery or a haunting…some reason you feel unease? What was the place like before? What happens to a property after a tragic or horrible event? This series is dedicated to understanding homes that have notorious histories, bizarre stories, or unimaginable tragedies through research, analysis, logic, and ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • The Myrtles Plantation

    The Myrtles Plantation

    The Myrtles Plantation, a 1796/1830s Antebellum creole home in St. Francisville, LA claims to be the most haunted home in America, boasting over 12 spirits. Who are these trapped souls and what truth lay behind these claims? Welcome to Nightmare Houses.

  • The Pink House

    The Pink House

    Nestled on Plum Island, just off the Massachusetts coast, there stands a 1925 colonial-style cottage, painted an unmistakable shade of pink. Long abandoned, the house has become the center of swirling rumors and local lore. It's often thought to be a spite house—a vengeful monument from a bitter divorce, but was this true? What does the future hold for this enigmatic, ill-fated pink house? Welcome to Nightmare Houses

  • Robert the Doll

    Robert the Doll

    A little boy receives a gift of a life-like doll and the pair become inseparable living in the family’s 1898 Victorian Queen-Anne style home in Key West, FL. Soon, there is unexplained mischief, but the little boy always blamed his doll, Robert.Today, the doll is a popular tourist attraction and paranormal legend, but is there any truth behind this story?Welcome to Nightmare Houses

  • What Happened On Lindley St

    What Happened On Lindley St

    In November 1974, a family experienced terrifying paranormal activity, witnessed by many, in their 1923 Bungalow in Bridgeport, CT. Soon after, the claims were dismissed as a hoax, but not everyone believed it. What really happened inside that home? Welcome to Nightmare Houses.

  • The Watcher

    The Watcher

    In June 2014, just days after purchasing a 1905 Dutch Colonial in Westfield, New Jersey, a family began to receive disturbing and unsettling letters from an anonymous writer, only known as the Watcher.The Watcher sent the new homeowners a total of four letters claiming to have watched their house over time, forcing the family to flee the home in terror. Who is the Watcher?Welcome to Nightmare Houses.