Tasting and Drinking the Spiritual Experience with Hanna Williams

Nightbird Radio by Timothy Sailor

Episode notes

This week I was joined by Hanna Williams.

Hanna Williams is an artist, memelord, spiritual field guide, and student. She received her BA in religious studies from Naropa University, and has been studying as a student within a Shakta Tantric lineage for 8 years. She teaches courses, gives weekly talks, and mentors people privately in their spiritual process. But ultimately, she is just an amateur polymath hoping to find a way to both laugh and transform through the labyrinth of her ordinary life.

We talked about the power of memes, Rudolph Steiner, ritual, the creation of reality, Atheism as a response to the mediocre experience of mainstream Christianity, tasting and drinking the spiritual experience, the evolutionary process, initiation, ancestor veneration, AA as an Occult Tradition, changing our relationship to fear. We explored wh ... 

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