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Introducing 'NFG - Network for Gamers', your digital hub for the vibrant world of gaming. This podcast serves as a central gathering place for gamers of all kinds, offering a diverse range of content that goes beyond mere news updates. Get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling realm of gaming as we explore reviews, gaming conventions, breakthrough titles, and the latest trends that shape the industry.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Fight Game Frontline

    Fight Game Frontline

    Join Jael, Mad Mouse, and Arxyn on "Dash Block" as they dive into the latest and greatest in the world of fighting games. From groundbreaking releases to the most buzzworthy news, our hosts offer their unique perspectives, dissect gameplay mechanics, and provide insights into the evolving meta. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned fighter, this episode is your ultimate guide to what's currently happening on the fighting game scene. Don't miss out on their expert analysis, exciting discussions, and maybe even a few tips and tricks to improve your own gameplay! Official Website: Fuel Our Creativity:

  • Spellbound by Lost Magic

    Spellbound by Lost Magic

    Embark on a nostalgic journey with Dauntless Stark in "Forgotten" as we revisit the underrated Nintendo DS classic, "Lost Magic." In this episode, Dauntless explores the unique charm of this hidden gem, where players wield a stylus as a magic wand, casting spells in a world rich with fantasy and intrigue. Discover why "Lost Magic," with its innovative use of the DS's touch screen for spellcasting and its compelling storyline, still resonates with fans of the genre. Join us as we uncover the magic and mystery of a game that, despite its innovation, became a footnote in gaming history. Official Website: Fuel Our Creativity: Forgotten Gems Discord Community: Forgotten Gems Reddit Community:

  • Fighter's Strategic Edge


    Fighter's Strategic Edge


    Jael, Mad Mouse, and Arxyn delve into the critical role of patches in balancing and evolving the gaming experience, providing their unique takes on recent updates. They also unravel the strategic nuances behind selecting the perfect fighter, a choice that goes far beyond aesthetics to the core of gameplay. The discussion heats up with a deep dive into the controversial world of infinites — are they game-breakers or skill-showcases? Finally, the episode touches on the surprising defeat of Chris Wong in Yesport, a moment that shook the fighting game community. Tune in for a blend of expert analysis, strategic insights, and the latest happenings in the fighting game arena. Official Website: Fuel Our Creativity:

  • Predator and Prey


    Predator and Prey


    In this captivating episode of "Forgotten Gems," Dauntless Stark reopens the dossier on 'Evolve,' the asymmetrical multiplayer experience that promised a new era of co-op gaming. Dauntless dives deep into the game's innovative 4v1 design, where four hunters track and face off against a single, player-controlled monster. Despite its groundbreaking approach and intense gameplay, 'Evolve' slipped into the shadows, largely forgotten by the gaming masses. Stark explores the rise and fall of this pioneering title, discussing its initial hype, the challenges it faced post-launch, and why 'Evolve' deserves a place in the pantheon of gaming classics. Tune in to rediscover the thrill of the hunt and what could have been in the world of cooperative gaming. Official Website: Fuel Our Creativity: Forgotten Gems Discord Community: Forgotten Gems Reddit Community:

  • Snake Eater Origins


    Snake Eater Origins


    Delve deep into the intricate web of Hideo Kojima's masterful storytelling as Mythos kicks off an expansive series on 'The Metal Gear Solid' chronicles. Starting at its historical core, this episode zooms in on 'The Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater', unraveling its rich tapestry of characters, plots, and covert operations. Join Mythos and set out on an espionage-filled adventure, retracing the footsteps of Naked Snake in the lush terrains of the Cold War era. Official Website: Fuel Our Creativity: