Next Level Leaders with Dr. Joseph Walker, III

by Charisma Podcast Network

Next Level Leaders, hosted by Dr. Joseph Walker III, lead pastor Mt. Zion Nashville, provides useful and insightful resources to help leaders RISE (Reimagine, Invest, Succeed, and Elevate). Each episode addresses the intersect between Christianity and the marketplace through conversations with successful leaders. Listeners will be mentored, inspired, and challenged to succeed at the next level. Tune in and start moving from vis ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Don't Let Your Hurt Hinder You

    Don't Let Your Hurt Hinder You

    Leadership is tough business. It is inevitable that you will experience pain from unlikely sources. In this episode you discover how to effectively lead in the midst of your hurt. You will gain practical strategies on addressing your pain while simultaneously being productive. Nothing hinders a next level leader!

  • May 14, 2024 - Eliminating Entitlement

    May 14, 2024 - Eliminating Entitlement

    Entitlement is more common among organization and their teams than you might think. People make assumptions that are incorrect and often attempt to assert unrealistic expectations upon leadership. As a next level leader, it is important that you confront entitlement and create a culture in your organization where hard work is rewarded rather than just reward those who assume they deserve it.

  • Trusting After You've Been Hurt

    Trusting After You've Been Hurt

    Leadership comes with many stripes. Leaders are often in the bullseye of pain. When hurt, it is important that you continue to function at a high level How do you accomplish this? How do you trust and again and who should you trust? This podcast will answer those questions.

  • Managing The Moods And Morale Of Your Team

    Managing The Moods And Morale Of Your Team

    One of the most important lessons leaders can learn is that our team takes our lead. How we assist people through challenging seasons is a witness to our ability to lead. This episode will give you some practical tips on how to manage the moods and morale of your team.

  • Lessons In Closed Doors

    Lessons In Closed Doors

    Closed doors can be discouraging, especially when you've given it your best effort. Dr. Walker reveals that all closed doors are not bad. When you understand the possibilities that exist when doors are closed, it will help you regroup and position yourself for greater opportunities in the future. This episode will encourage, empower and enlighten you as a leader.