Next Level Leaders with Dr. Joseph Walker, III

by Charisma Podcast Network

Next Level Leaders, hosted by Dr. Joseph Walker III, lead pastor Mt. Zion Nashville, provides useful and insightful resources to help leaders RISE (Reimagine, Invest, Succeed, and Elevate). Each episode addresses the intersect between Christianity and the marketplace through conversations with successful leaders. Listeners will be mentored, inspired, and challenged to succeed at the next level. Tune in and start moving from vis ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Don't Let Your Hurt Hinder You

    Don't Let Your Hurt Hinder You

    Leadership is tough business. It is inevitable that you will experience pain from unlikely sources. In this episode you discover how to effectively lead in the midst of your hurt. You will gain practical strategies on addressing your pain while simultaneously being productive. Nothing hinders a next level leader!

  • It Should Be A Marriage And A Merger

    It Should Be A Marriage And A Merger

    Dr. Walker takes a honest look at marriage and helps you understand the business side of coming together. There is great value in understanding the merger of marriage, You will gain practical tools on how to leverage your coming together toward the fulfillment of vision.

  • Building With The Right People

    Building With The Right People

    Having the right team is critical to the success of your organization. Dr. Walker gives 7 traits that should be present in the people you have around you. If you build with these, you will be become successful in the implementation of your vision.

  • How To Handle Jealousy

    How To Handle Jealousy

    If you are successful you will have to deal with jealousy. This episode will help you understand the origin of it and how to remain productive in the midst of it. You have to lead through jealousy and accomplish the vision you've set forth. You can handle jealousy and without letting it handle you or hinder you.

  • How To Lead Until They Get It

    How To Lead Until They Get It

    Have you ever been frustrated trying to move a vision forward among people who just didn't get it? We all have. This episode will give you practical strategies on how to get everyone excited about the vision God has given you. You will learn how to get them to see it so you and your team can realize it.