Next Level Leaders with Dr. Joseph Walker, III

by Charisma Podcast Network

Next Level Leaders, hosted by Dr. Joseph Walker III, lead pastor Mt. Zion Nashville, provides useful and insightful resources to help leaders RISE (Reimagine, Invest, Succeed, and Elevate). Each episode addresses the intersect between Christianity and the marketplace through conversations with successful leaders. Listeners will be mentored, inspired, and challenged to succeed at the next level. Tune in and start moving from vis ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Don't Let Your Hurt Hinder You

    Don't Let Your Hurt Hinder You

    Leadership is tough business. It is inevitable that you will experience pain from unlikely sources. In this episode you discover how to effectively lead in the midst of your hurt. You will gain practical strategies on addressing your pain while simultaneously being productive. Nothing hinders a next level leader!

  • Your Finances And Your Future

    Your Finances And Your Future

    n this episode you will receive valuable principles that can help you make intelligent financial personal and professional decisions. Leaders plan! It's what we do. Dr. Walker gives very practical insight on how to prepare yourself for the future so that you labor will not be in vain.

  • The Discipline Of Self-Development

    The Discipline Of Self-Development

    The success of any leader is connected to discipline. Discipline is required for self-development. We must work on areas of our personal and professional lives daily. Dr. Walker shares some tips that have been effective for him and gives you a blueprint on how to embrace discipline as a leader.

  • Who To Partner With And Who To Pass On

    Who To Partner With And Who To Pass On

    As your organization grows there will never be a lack of invitations to partner. Next Level leaders are very discerning concerning who to do business with, because all partnerships are not good for you. This episode will give you specific traits to look for when considering aligning your vision with others and how to determine if it is something you need to pass on.

  • How To Build Trust

    How To Build Trust

    Trust is a difficult thing to earn. If leaders are going to get things done, it will require building trust with those to whom you want to engage. This is a process of intentionality. This episode will give you a few pointers on how to build trust so that your vision can move forward.