New Life Church of Mobile

by Mario Spann

Welcome to the weekly podcast of New Life Church of Mobile led by Pastor Mario Spann! To learn more, visit our website at or download the New Life Church of Mobile App. To partner with this ministry to make an impact locally and globally click here:

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Snakes In The Grass

    Snakes In The Grass

    We all have things lurking on the inside of us that we must confront and expose! Listen today as we discover the "Snakes In The Grass" we need freedom from the Break Free!!

  • Alignment With Authority

    Alignment With Authority

    Our carnal minds does not like authority because we want to be in control and have authority over our life and different situations. What we will find is, there is blessing and protection when we come under "Alignment With Authority."

  • The Carnal Mind

    The Carnal Mind

    The carnal mind is "enmity (deep rooted hatred) against God" according to Romans 8:7(NKJV). As believers, we must constantly examine our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes and surrender those opposed to the Word of God at the foot of the Cross. The Cross and the Word of God are our solution to Breaking Free from the carnal mind.

  • Can You Dig It?!

    Can You Dig It?!

    There are certain things that God will ask you to dig by faith, to see the victory you desire!! Your obedience and faith will answer the question, "Can You Dig It?!"

  • Faith Gives

    Faith Gives

    Faith needs a foundation, and that foundation can only be found on God's Word. Whenever you need to build your faith, seek the Lord for a Word and receive what Faith Gives!!