Ep.31 Breathing Life into Neuroscience: Exploring Neural Control with Dr. Kevin Yackle

The Neuro Network by Nick Burgraff, PhD

Episode notes
In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Kevin Yackle, to delve into the cutting-edge world of neural circuits and their role in breathing and vocalizations. Kevin completed his MD and PhD from Stanford University, and is now an Assistant Professor of Physiology at The University of California, San Francisco. We discuss the transformative impact of modern techniques like optogenetics and single-cell sequencing in neuroscience research. Finally, we discuss some of the future and ongoing directions within the integrative field of the neural control of breathing. Don't miss this deep dive into the mechanisms that govern neural control, as we explore how Dr. Yackle's groundbreaking work is reshaping our understanding of neural networks and vocalization control.