Navigating Solo

by Navigating Solo

Navigating Solo is the official Single Adult Ministry podcast for the United Pentecostal Church International. Navigating Solo is dedicated to encouraging Single Adults in every stage of life by using Biblical principles to navigate discussions on various topics.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Interview with McKenna Landers

    Interview with McKenna Landers

    In this episode, McKenna Landers tells of adopting her two sons as a single adult. McKenna also shares her experience hosting a foreign exchange student from Spain. This exchange student received the Holy Ghost before returning to her country to connect with missionaries there.

  • Father's Day Rewind 2020

    Father's Day Rewind 2020

    Father's Day Rewind 2020 with Single Fathers and Former Single Fathers, Steve Saiz, Gary Carter, Greg Albritton, and Loammi Diaz

  • Interview with Sandra Myer

    Interview with Sandra Myer

    In this episode, Sandra Myer shares her ministry as a pastor's wife and the loss of her son and husband. Sis Myers discusses how she got through some of the difficult moments of her life and how she transitioned into her career as a real estate agent.

  • Interview with Lysandra Trimble

    Interview with Lysandra Trimble

    Today’s guest, Lysandra Trimble, talks about her grief journey and learning to life with her three young boys after the death of her spouse and dad, Anthony Trimble. Lysandra opens her heart about this journey she has been on. You will be blessed as you listen to her story!

  • Season 1

  • Interview with Sallie Gordon

    Interview with Sallie Gordon

    In this episode, Sallie Gordon gives her testimony and talks about raising her two children as a single mom. Sallie advises singles to focus on their blessings and seek out wise counsel when searching for God's will in their lives.