Navigating Solo

by Navigating Solo

Navigating Solo is the official Single Adult Ministry podcast for the United Pentecostal Church International. Navigating Solo is dedicated to encouraging Single Adults in every stage of life by using Biblical principles to navigate discussions on various topics.

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Interview with Sallie Gordon

    Interview with Sallie Gordon

    In this episode, Sallie Gordon gives her testimony and talks about raising her two children as a single mom. Sallie advises singles to focus on their blessings and seek out wise counsel when searching for God's will in their lives.

  • Interview with Stephanie Brown

    Interview with Stephanie Brown

    In this episode, Stephanie Brown talks about her experience as an entrepreneur, professional businesswoman, and ministry leader. Stephanie encourages singles to be open to opportunities and surround themselves with a good support system.

  • Interview with Gayla Hardin

    Interview with Gayla Hardin

    In this episode, Gayla Hardin speaks to singles who have lost a spouse and encourages them to not allow themselves to get stuck in their grief but to move forward with the help of the Lord.

  • Interview with Dr. Kristin Keller

    Interview with Dr. Kristin Keller

    Dr. Kristin Keller is a speaker, worship leader, & former national Hyphen Director of the UPCI. She is currently serves as the Vice- Chair of the Urshan College & UGST board of directors. In this episode Dr. Kristin challenges singles to invest in God's Kingdom and serve to best of their abilities in every season they are in.

  • Interview with Rev. Gary & Cheryl Carter

    Interview with Rev. Gary & Cheryl Carter

    In this episode Rev. Gary & Cheryl Carter, evangelist, Lufkin Christian Academy principal and administrator discuss life and ministry.