Navi(gate)tion The Human Design Podcast

by The Rebel Soul Journey

Prepare for an epic galactic journey through the Human Design gates. Human Design teaches you to drop out of the mind and into the body to make soul-led decisions. When you learn your unique navigating system, you shed your old identity and step into who you came here to be. You find what lights you up, what makes you feel alive, and what you came here to cause and create. Human Design weaves many esoteric tools together in one... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • E11 - #11 Gate 5 - The Rhythm Dancer

    E11 - #11 Gate 5 - The Rhythm Dancer

    Gate 5 is all about dancing to the song of your soul and marching to the beat of your heart. When you tune in and engage in the correct rituals, routines, and life patterns, your life unfolds in a beautiful harmonic way. I have G...

  • E10 - #10 Gate 4 - The Guide

    E10 - #10 Gate 4 - The Guide

    Gate 4 is able to tap into an inner understanding on a visceral level! Theses people just KNOW and then through their logical mind can see patterns and collect information to prove their inner knowing. I have Gate 4.4 in my Uncons...

  • E09 - #9 Gate 3 - The Inner Child

    E09 - #9 Gate 3 - The Inner Child

    Gate 3 has a beautiful gift of bringing order to chaos. With all their materials sprawled out, they fuse their magic and make a mutative mixture that the world has never seen before.Transcending confusion, they work on a pulse, wa...

  • E08 - #8 Gate 2 - The Keeper of Keys

    E08 - #8 Gate 2 - The Keeper of Keys

    Gate 2 is the receptive keeper of keys here to trust the flow of life and be a wayshower to beauty and unity.The North Star ⭐️ dwells inside them, lighting a path forward for themselves and humanity.When these people trust life, m...

  • E07 - #7 Gate 1 - The Creator

    E07 - #7 Gate 1 - The Creator

    Gate 1 is the most creative energy of all the gates in the Human Design chart. In this episode, we touch on the energy of being "The Creator" archetype and how people with this energy move from Entropy to Freshness to Beauty. I sh...