Nations Famous PodcastExplicit

by Zach Nations

You like me because I'm a scoundrel, there aren't enough scoundrels in your life? Don't get too hung up on what things are about and trying to find out everything. The reality of it is we're trapped in a loop of an ever-changing development that won't give you the answer to life, the universe, and everything. So buckle up and enjoy the ride, cuz you're not getting out alive. So tune in, turn off, drop out, drop in, switch off, ... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • S03 E01 - Something Else

    S03 E01 - Something ElseExplicit

    Lol what an episode. Have you heard, the title is an inside joke. As in the joke is inside the episode, so you'll have to listen to the episode to get the joke from the title. But the rest of the episode is just the frustrations o...

  • Season 2

  • S02 E08 - It's About TIME!

    S02 E08 - It's About TIME!Explicit

    I finally got this episode recorded and edited just in TIME for the end of the year celey's! In a serendipitous way, this episode is about time and how little of it we have, because it just keeps on slipping into the future. Like ...

  • S02 E07 - Episode I don't care

    S02 E07 - Episode I don't careExplicit

    In this episode you get to hear all about the Nations Famous trip to London and Ireland. Also some airing of grievances with Sacramento Kings trade speculation frustrations. Maybe some talk about weird movies and television shows ...

  • S02 E06 - Nations Famous Frights

    S02 E06 - Nations Famous FrightsExplicit

    This episode isn't as spooky or ooky as last years, just wait for the next episode. There is however a rundown of a list of different scary, spooky, or silly Halloween stuff to watch and scare your pants off. Or more rather, laugh...

  • S02 E05 - New Year New Podcast!

    S02 E05 - New Year New Podcast!Explicit

    There's a new feel to this new year. The feeling is that it's all still the same old song and dance. Hopefully all my resolutions come to fruition this year, whatever that means. This episode is sprinkled with some football commen...