Nations Famous PodcastExplicit

by Zach Nations

You like me because I'm a scoundrel, there aren't enough scoundrels in your life? This is the podcast of an everyday Joe Schmoe Sixpack. Don't get too hung up on what things are about and trying to find out everything about things. Life is an ever-changing development that won't give you a true conclusion of what the answer to life the universe and everything is. So just buckle up and enjoy the ride, it's not like you're gettin... Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E05 - New Year New Podcast!

    S02 E05 - New Year New Podcast!Explicit

    There's a new feel to this new year. The feeling is that it's all still the same old song and dance. Hopefully all my resolutions come to fruition this year, whatever that means. This episode is sprinkled with some football commen...

    Jan 13 2021
    Jan 13 2021
  • S02 E04 - I have nothing to say

    S02 E04 - I have nothing to sayExplicit

    This episode I talk up the new Mario 35th anniversary multiplayer challenge game and how addicting it is. Also the grooming habits of animals. How interesting, don't ya think? I was going to link something here but I forget what i...

    Dec 05 2020
    Dec 05 2020
  • S02 E03 - Election results

    S02 E03 - Election resultsExplicit

    Wanna know the podcasts that I like, more famous than this podcast? You're in luck. Or maybe not. You can be the judge. It's a list. The best of lists, podcast wise.

    Nov 14 2020
    Nov 14 2020
  • S02 E02 - Altogether Ooky episode

    S02 E02 - Altogether Ooky episodeExplicit

    It's 'All Hallow's Eve' and boy do I have a show prepared for you. It's sure to scare the pants off any scarecrow within earshot of this spoOoOky episode. If you aren't screaming of fear then you'll probably get a scre-UM from the...

    Oct 31 2020
    Oct 31 2020
  • S02 E01 - New season! I guess...

    S02 E01 - New season! I guess...Explicit

    Hey hey, check out this new episode of this "season" which is a reboot of my whole podcast thing. I talk more about me in this episode so if you're not interested in listening to more cringey podcasting then this is not the pod fo...

    Oct 24 2020
    Oct 24 2020