Not A Golf PodcastExplicit

by Jay Smith

We invite you to grab a glass of your favorite whiskey with the NAGP crew and their guests at Caddy’s Whiskey Tavern. We’ll even book the band! Subscribe to be notified of our reservations, tip your bartender, and NEVER drink and drive! 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E11 - Episode 18 (S2:E11): "Vaxed"

    S02 E11 - Episode 18 (S2:E11): "Vaxed"Explicit

    On this Episode, Donnie B and his Zoom connection both have Covid. Fighting Chihuahuas Jay wins Button's game (FINALLY)! Music: Intro: Spotify Underrated: h...

  • S02 E10 - Episode 17 (S2:E10): "SHORT...Without Donnie B.""

    S02 E10 - Episode 17 (S2:E10): "SHORT...Without Donnie B.""Explicit

    Our shortest episode yet...We cover the usual bits: WDWT?, The Mineral's Minute, Button's Game, and Pick'ems. Mr America isn't able to make it, and we believe that's why it's so short. Be sure to head over to our donation page for...

  • S02 E09 - Episode 16 (S2:E9): "YOU'RE KILLING ME..!"

    S02 E09 - Episode 16 (S2:E9): "YOU'RE KILLING ME..!"Explicit

    Have we crossed the line? NOPE…not on NAGP! Watch how we take a morbid turn with The Mineral’s Minute and a brand-new bit! The guys have a hard time hearing Button’s game, but we play anyway so you can! MUSIC:Intro - “NINE THOU”by...

  • S02 E08 - Episode 15 (S2:E8): TOO GOOD!!!

    S02 E08 - Episode 15 (S2:E8): TOO GOOD!!!Explicit

    You just have to listen! (behind the scenes included)Intro: "Nine Thou" - Syles of Beyond & Grant MohrmanBreak 1: "Been Far?" - Chip MadeenSpotify Underrated: "Philly Soul Strut" - Radars & Sonny FultonBreak 2: "Termites" - Scot...

  • S02 E07 - Episode 14 (S2:E7): Happy New Year

    S02 E07 - Episode 14 (S2:E7): Happy New YearExplicit

    NAGP turns the New Year. Button's Entertainment Game has a new flare, The Mineral has beef with holiday commercials, and Mr America has a challenge for 2023. We hope you've enjoyed the inaugural year of the Not A Golf Podcast po...