S01 E17 - Walk vs Run for Cardio: If You Don't Sweat, Does it Even Count?

Nacho Fitness Coach by Caleigh and Sara
Welcome back to yet another episode about cardio, the topic that gets our heart rate up even before we hit the treadmill! This time, Caleigh and Sara take on the age-old debate of walking vs. running for cardio and settle it once and for all... or not. Tune in to hear about Caleigh's speedy seven-minute mile (that definitely never happene  ...  See more
Apr 12 2023

Welcome to Nacho Fitness Coach. Two friends discuss all things fitness to bring knowledge and some opinions to you wherever you may be in your health journey.
My friend Kaylee, the beginner, almost ran a 5k once, recently had her first protein shake and is the proud owner of one set of five pound doubles.
And my friend Sarah, the expert, grunts when she lifts, has race walked dozens of races, including a full marathon, and has 12 open protein tubs in the pantry.
So let's get started.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, so this podcast is for entertainment only. If you have concerns about your health, consult a physician or other health care professionals.
Okay, now that you have done both walking and running for cardio.
What, which one do you prefer? Do you prefer walking or running for cardio?

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