Episode notes

Caleigh and Sara are joined by guest Mandy Froehlich, a fitness enthusiast who's been bending and stretching her way through the industry for over 20 years. From personal training to mastering the art of saying "Namaste," Mandy shares her journey of opening a yoga studio and discovering that sometimes, the best workout is just breathing (who knew?).

Caleigh, Sara, and Mandy dive into the world of yoga and Pilates, comparing them to traditional workouts and debating whether it's more fun to sweat it out on a treadmill or contort yourself into a human pretzel. Caleigh's just here asking the important questions like "But what about goat yoga?" Whether you're a fitness fanatic or someone who thinks "downward dog" is just a sad puppy, maybe this episode will have you inspired to try that yoga class you've been avoiding. Because let's be honest,  ... 

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