Episode notes

Join hosts Caleigh and Sara as they welcome special guest Gio Marin, a minister and fitness enthusiast Gio's journey from weight gain to fitness is a testament to intentional health choices.

Gio shares his plant-based diet and how he ensures nutritional balance. From workout routines to rest days, Gio's mindfulness shines through, emphasizing the power of intentional living.

Exciting news! Gio also co-hosts the new podcast "Mindful Muscle" with Jodi Dolo. And mark your calendars—Caleigh and Sara will be joining Gio and Jodi live on April 21st on "Mindful Muscle."

Tune in as Gio's story inspires a shift in mindset towards health and fitness on this episode of Nacho Fitness Coach.We want to hear your thoughts on this weeks episode!

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