Episode notes

Welcome to another episode of Nacho Fitness Coach, where hosts Caleigh and Sara are letting you all see what’s in our pant...tries. Along for the ride this week is guest Brittany Lozdoski, whom listeners may remember from our “Eating Plants Is Cool” episode from Season 2. Brittany shares her secrets to maintaining a predominantly plant-based diet by stocking her kitchen with wholesome staples and crafting mouthwatering meals from scratch. Sara spills the beans (and protein powder) on her pantry essentials. And to nobody’s surprise, we learn that Caleigh’s pantry looks a lot like her diet: a mess. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, this episode is filled with laughs, tips, and plenty of pantry wisdom! So grab your favorite snack (hopefully not from Caleigh’s pantry) and join us!

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