Episode notes

Welcome back to Nacho Fitness Coach, the podcast where Caleigh and Sara dive into the depths of fitness wisdom... and occasionally plunge into the internet for content inspiration. This week, Caleigh enlightens us with a discovery of a viral sensation known as “The Chickle” - a snack so absurdly brilliant it defies categorization. Meanwhile, we uncover the shocking truth that Sara has managed to evade the fiery allure of Flaming Hot Cheetos, citing a dislike for both spice and, apparently, fun. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention our grand athletic endeavor of last year: a joint 5k run, where we barely finished before a teenage boy and an old man. And we answer the question: how many fitness podcasters does it take to Google what an Ironman is? (Spoiler: it's not Tony Stark, unfortunately).

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