Myartisreal Podcast

by Myartisreal Studio

A narrative Journey into the lives that shape ART. Join host Jacob Johnson as he unravels who the people are behind the ART we consume.


Podcast episodes

  • Ep 14: Somnath

    Ep 14: Somnath

    Somnath Pal draws, makes animation, and even works on movies. However, he didn't always know he would be able to pursue all of his creative endeavors. He had to throw all his ideas at the wall and work overtime to get where he is ...

  • Ep 13: Sara

    Ep 13: Sara

    This is the story of artist Sara Fasolin (aka Sara Baun). When growing up she always would follow others and never quite knew what her path was in life. She would constantly go in seemingly random directions taking different jobs ...

  • Ep 12: Andi

    Ep 12: Andi

    Andi Soto is an illustration artist from Panama. She grew up outside the city near the jungle and fell in love with anime and before she knew it all she wanted to do was make mangas. However, as we all know life is not always so s...

  • Ep 11: Mendoza

    Ep 11: Mendoza

    Becoming an artist takes patience, determination, and a desire to continue to learn. Zach Mendoza considers himself always a student ready to expand his knowledge and make each work better than the last. Join me in this episode as...

  • Ep 10: Ben

    Ep 10: Ben

    Ben Avlis always made art growing up and he knew that all he wanted to be was an artist but he needed a push to chase that dream and one day life pushed him so hard that he had to listen. This is the story of how Ben overcame life...