Myartisreal Podcast

by Myartisreal Studio

A narrative Journey into the lives that shape ART. Join host Jacob Johnson as he unravels who the people are behind the ART we consume.

Podcast episodes

  • Ep 26: David Speed

    Ep 26: David Speed

    David Speed is a true underdog story. Growing up with no real artistic talents, he discovered graffiti at the age of 18 and instantly became hooked for life. He would spend the next several years of his life doing whatever it took to make that his day job.David’s Exhibition Information: Our Patreon: Myartisreal Instagram: Our Website: Music Credit: Cue.Shop

  • Ep 25: Anthony Hurd


    Ep 25: Anthony Hurd


    Anthony Hurd grew up in the suburbs of Kansas City, in a poor family. They used art as a means to survive and make money for whatever they needed. Art was always there for Anthony when nothing else was and was the most real expression of themselves.Follow Anthony here: Bonus Episodes: information about this episode: Credit:Cue.Shop

  • Ep 24: Linnea Strid

    Ep 24: Linnea Strid

    Linnea Strid was rejected every year she applied for art college, but nothing was going to stop her from making a living through painting at her easel. Join us today as we hear the life story of Linnea and how she forged her own path within the art world.Follow Linnea here: Bonus Episodes: information about this episode: Music Credit: Cue.Shop

  • Ep 23: Cadima

    Ep 23: Cadima

    Life doesn't always unfold as expected. Despite setting goals and making plans, the mysteries of the universe remain unknown. Allow me to share the tale of Andrew Cadima, who believed he had his life's path figured out until he was captivated by the world of painting.Patreon Page (Bonus Episodes and more): Website: www.myartisreal.comFollow Andrew here: Credit: Cue Shop

  • Bonus Ep 01: Blic (Preview)

    Bonus Ep 01: Blic (Preview)

    While Blic was always into art it took a series of events before he would find himself painting the street walls around his city and working to make a name for himself in the art world. From sneaking out of school each week to making video games, Blic was always itching to create and learn more. Join Jacob as we discover what lead to the creation of the artist known as Blic.Sign up to our Patreon to hear the Full Episode: Blic Website: Myartisreal Website: Music Credit: Cue.Shop