Myartisreal Podcast

by Myartisreal Studio

A narrative Journey into the lives that shape ART. Join host Jacob Johnson as he unravels who the people are behind the ART we consume.

Podcast episodes

  • Ep 40: Juliano Mazzuchini

    Ep 40: Juliano Mazzuchini

    Juliano Mazzuchini is an actor at heart but one day something compelled him to pick up the paintbrush and now he spends his days painting for collectors all across the globe. Patreon Page: Our Website: Artist Website: Music Credit: CUE SHOP, Xylo-Ziko - Osmosis

  • Ep 39: Joshua Mizusawa


    Ep 39: Joshua Mizusawa


    Life is a rollercoaster, and artist Joshua Mizusawa knows that better than most. Hear his story and learn how he found his way to his true passion in life: art. Our Patreon Page: Artist Links: | @jmizu Our Webiste: Music Credit: CUE SHOP, Xylo-Ziko - Osmosis, Podington Bear - Bittersweet, Podington Bear - Starling, Kevin MacLeod - Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

  • Ep 38: Nicolas Bruno


    Ep 38: Nicolas Bruno


    When Nicolas Bruno was a child, he started experiencing episodes of sleep paralysis. His journey to overcome this challenge led him to discover photography as his solace. Join us as we delve into the inspiring story of Nicolas and how he transformed a disorder into a thriving career as an independent artist. Our website: Patreon: Artist Website: Music Credits: Cue-Shop, Xylo-Ziko - Osmosis, Podington Bear - Starling, Ian Alex Mac - Blood Loss, Ian Alex Mac - In Darkness 44100 1, Daniel Birch - Oceans Emerge

  • Ep 37: Huleeb


    Ep 37: Huleeb


    Artist Huleeb has been creating daily digital renders for over four years now. Let's find out what would compel someone to take on such a task and learn how he keeps the creative energy going. Myartisreal Gallery Website: Patreon Page: Artist website: Music Credits: Xylo-Ziko - Osmosis, Daniel Birch - Oceans Emerge, Podington Bear - Bittersweet, Ian Alex Mac - The Loss of Blood, Cue shop.

  • Ep 36: Alex Garant


    Ep 36: Alex Garant


    Alex Garant is now a successful artist but for many years left that side of herself behind until she couldn't hold it in any longer. Myartisreal: Alex Garant Website: Patreon Page: Music credits: Podington Bear - Starling, Kai Engel - Summer Days, Xylo-Ziko - Osmosis, cue shop