Myartisreal Podcast

by Myartisreal Studio

Exploring the life and minds of artists, discovering what lead them to their path in life, and uncovering the twist and turns that shape their art today. The podcast is a bi-weekly documentary-style show hosted by art curator Jacob D. Johnson. 

Podcast episodes

  • Ep 06: Vollut

    Ep 06: Vollut

    Vollut felt unhappy and uninspired in his 9 to 5 day job as a creative director. So He took his savings and left that job to go find the passion for art that he once had. Join us as we hear Vollut's story and learn how to find our...

  • Ep 05: Tyler

    Ep 05: TylerExplicit

    Tyler is a portland based artist that grew up in Utah. In Utah, he felt out of place within his small community and the Mormon church. Luckily through art, he was able to find his way to his true home. Tyler's story is one about b...

  • Ep 04: Scott

    Ep 04: Scott

    Scott Listfield is an artist that paints astronauts and sometimes dinosaurs. On the surface, his work is very accessible and fun. However, as we dig deeper into Scott's personal life we start to understand that there is more than ...

  • Ep 03: Baku

    Ep 03: BakuExplicit

    Baku is an artistic duo made up of Stephanie and Dominique who have found great joy and great suffering through art by risking their health to create their works. Each of them used art as a way to express themselves and find meani...

  • Ep 02: McMonster

    Ep 02: McMonsterExplicit

    Today we follow the journey of an artist who goes by the name McMonster. For his whole life, he has moved back and forth from city to city without knowing his next move but the one thing he always knew was that he was going to bec...