Dog Spaw

by Melanie Ferreira

All things Canine Wellness, Nutrition & Behaviour. Hosted by Muso&Spaw's owner Melanie Ferreira who posesses a college degree in animal health and is certified in behaviour, force-free grooming, canine nutrition and zoocosmetology.

Co-hosted by Muso&Spaw's first employee and assistant-manager, Katie Thomson who is well versed in canine nutrition, well-being, dog grooming and in training for canine behaviou ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Pilot


    Welcome to the Dog Spaw podcast! Hosted by Melanie Ferreira and co-host Katie Thomson. We will be talking about everything dogs from nutrition, dog wellness, force free grooming, behaviour and more! Be kind as this is our first episode and you will hear some background noise and a few words from our store Cockateil, Kiki! Thanks for listening!

  • Dental Health Month

    Dental Health Month

    In this episode of Dog Spaw, we're talking about all things dental health. From prevention to treatment and maintenance, we'll tell you all we know about each side of how to keep your dog's teeth clean. Let us know if you have any questions or comments about this topic! For any of our recommendations, visit our website, or come visit us in store at Muso&Spaw in Laval, Quebec! For 11% off your purchase, use ; PROMO CODE : DogSpaw (excludes food)

  • All About Probiotics

    All About Probiotics

    This episode covers a variety of information about probiotics, when to administer them, and what kinds are for what situation.

  • Episode 4 - Environment

    Episode 4 - Environment

    In this episode we're talking about things in our environment that might affect your pup. From toxins on the paws, allergies, immunity, supplements and more!

  • Episode 5 - Parasite Prevention for Dogs (fleas, ticks, parasites & heartworms)

    Episode 5 - Parasite Prevention for Dogs (fleas, ticks, parasites & heartworms)

    Come listen to our chat about parasite prevention! From fleas, ticks and heartworm to what products are natural and what products are more common, were gonna cover what we thing is the best way to go when it comes to protecting your dog from those pesky bugs!