Much To DiscussExplicit

by Much To Discuss

There's a lack of juicy gossip this quarantine season, so Emma, Ferdy and Julie bring you scandals from the past to spice up your day. From Television to assassination to the Spice Girls, we've got you covered. For more content and updates follow us on instagram: @emmafinegan @ferdzical @left.for.bread 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S02 E01 - Hey Mama Welcome to the Sixties

    S02 E01 - Hey Mama Welcome to the SixtiesExplicit

    It's the decade of swinging! Oh yes we're back with a look at the shockers and screamers from your favourite decade. The sixties were a time of peace, love and a whole lotta nighties. Come for the original fyre festival, stay for ...

  • Season 1

  • S01 E04 - The Last Five Years (feat. Austin Hughes)

    S01 E04 - The Last Five Years (feat. Austin Hughes)Explicit

    2015-2020 has been a tumultuous time, but thank GAWD we've had some juicy scandals to keep us entertained. Joined this week by Austin Hughes, we go deep into the scandalous life of a white(?) woman, the literacy of a certain Glee ...

  • S01 E03 - Boybands and girlbands

    S01 E03 - Boybands and girlbandsExplicit

    It's episode three and we have triple the scandal! How many babes make a sugar? How many girls make a spice? How many scandals make Julie's dreams? It's the boybands and girlbands episode and my my we have scandals galore! So turn...

  • S01 E02 - Television

    S01 E02 - TelevisionExplicit

    In episode 2, Emma, Ferdy and Julie discuss the scandals that rocked the small screen. Everything from nationwide coverups to soggy bottoms. So settle in for some gossip, cos we got ya covered.

  • S01 E01 - The Naughties

    S01 E01 - The NaughtiesExplicit

    In the first episode, Emma, Ferdy and Julie talk about some juicy scandals from 2000-2009. We've got exposed nipples, steamrollers and sex in the middle of the floor. So settle in to some gossip, cos we got ya covered.