MSU Denver Alumni Bird Talk

by MSU Denver Alumni

An MSU Denver Podcast about Alumni Careers and Lives hosted by Jamie Hurst ‘21.

Bird Talk is a fascinating glimpse into the lives and careers of the university's accomplished alumni. Each episode features an in-depth interview with an alum who shares their unique journey and insights on how their time at MSU Denver shaped their success. From entrepreneurs to educators, artists to scientists, Bird Talk offers a diverse  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Justin Darnall '19

    Justin Darnall '19

    Jamie & Justin squawk about rugby, military service, and education at MSU Denver, they explore his passion for space, mathematics, and his current position at Blue Origin.

  • Amber Mozet '06

    Amber Mozet '06

    Jamie & Amber squawk about being a mascot, the Black Alumni Network, starting cultural changes in the community, and being the oldest au pair in Germany.

  • Season 1

  • Flannery Davis Love '23

    Flannery Davis Love '23

    Jamie & Flannery squawk about visiting polar bears, being an elite marathoner, psychotherapy, and her experience in the Olympic trials.

  • Jonathon Stalls '09

    Jonathon Stalls '09

    Jamie & Jonathon squawk about moving at the speed of trust, imperfect messy self love, and the medicine of walking.

  • Jim Qualteri '96

    Jim Qualteri '96

    Jamie & Jim squawk about the CIA, MSU Denver's transformation over the years, the impact of mentorship, and Jim's tenure on the Alumni Association Board of Directors.