MSU Denver Alumni Bird Talk

by MSU Denver Alumni

An MSU Denver Podcast about Alumni Careers and Lives hosted by Jamie Hurst ‘21.

Bird Talk is a fascinating glimpse into the lives and careers of the university's accomplished alumni. Each episode features an in-depth interview with an alum who shares their unique journey and insights on how their time at MSU Denver shaped their success. From entrepreneurs to educators, artists to scientists, Bird Talk offers a diverse  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Bree Davies '07


    Bree Davies '07


    Jamie & Bree squawk about City Cast Denver, artist advocacy, Bree's mom, and never saying the word "lit."

  • Rebecca Totman '05

    Rebecca Totman '05

    Jamie & Rebecca squawk about the Simpsons, Burning Man, creating joy through art, and being a resourceful Roadrunner.

  • Megan Kelly '21

    Megan Kelly '21

    Jamie & Megan squawk about the entertainment industry, being well-rounded, and the non-linear path.

  • Abby Lundien '17

    Abby Lundien '17

    Jamie & Abby squawk about brew science, what kind of beer to try at a new place, and the MSU Denver community.

  • Bre Dóvez '17

    Bre Dóvez '17

    Jamie & Bre squawk about centering joy, community, and Bre's unwillingness to deviate from centering humans.