"Authenticity: The Key to Longevity and Well-Being in Music Education"

Band Director Boot Camp by Lesley Moffat

Episode notes
In this insightful episode of Band Director Boot Camp, your host, Lesley Moffat, welcomes the accomplished Erin Keaton-Howard, founder of the Formation Wind Band, composer, music educator, and conductor. Together, they delve into the profound topic of authenticity and its impact on a band director's career longevity and personal well-being.Erin emphasizes that authenticity involves showing up genuinely as oneself in both professional and personal spaces without conforming to stereotypes or perceived norms. It's a journey of self-discovery that can lead to a more fulfilling and sustainable career.They explore various aspects of authenticity, including identity, physical appearance, abilities, demeanor, and professional integrity. Erin shares personal anecdotes and insights into how being authentic can positively influence students and colleagues. She ...   ...  Read more
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