Episode 159: Desperado with Raygun Busch

Movie Night Extravaganza by Forrest Miller

Episode notes
We are joined by Raygåun Busch from Chat Pile to talk about Robert Rodriguez's Desperado. The second part in the Mexico Trilogy. Situated in between El Mariachi, which was Robert Rodriguez's $7000 award-winning debut film... and Once Upon a Time in Mexico which was $29 Million and had Johnny Depp in a lead role shot right before the SAG strike in 2002. Desperado was Robert Rodriguez's first film with a famous cast, including Antonio Banderas, Steve Buscemi, Cheech Marin, Danny Trejo, and Quentin Tarantino... and introducing Salma Hayek. It was also a jump from a $7000 to $7 Million budget and month of production time. Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends are playing at Saint Vitus Bar in NYC on May 24th!!! https://link.dice.fm/O50b75293806 Get tickets for Caterwaul Music Festi ...   ...  Read more