Episode 203: The Holdovers with Eileen Jones

Movie Night Extravaganza by Forrest Miller

Episode notes

Forrest, Conan Neutron, Kristina Oakes and  @JacobinMag  &  @filmsuckpodcast1517  Film Critic Eileen Jones talk about Alexander Payne's The Holdovers #theholdovers #oscars #alexanderpayne #academyawards #paulgiamatti

Over the next month and a half, we are going to be covering the #oscars movies leading up to our Oscar Night Livestream!! #academyawards #oscars2024

We now have a discord: https://discord.gg/A4GXsNM2

Conan Neutron has music available from Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends and could use music sales now more than ever..

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