The Movement As Medicine Podcast - Episode 5: In-season Training: the "Why" and the "How"

The Movement As Medicine Podcast by Brendon Rearick & Kevin Carr

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Today's Discussion Points:

1.) In-season Training - the Why

  • It’s possible now to play the same sport year round and in-season training is almost year round

  • Do you value playing more games or value improving and recovering physically?

  • “You won’t have to GET ready if you always STAY ready.”

  • You will atrophy during the season, you give up strength and muscle to play the game. But the goal should be to atrophy the least amount possible, and less than your competitor.

  • It’s not just missing lifts, it’s the increase in stress, pressure, travel, nutrition on the run, and lack of a routine

  • The team with their best players playing at the end of the year has the best chance of winning in the postseason

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