The Mythology of the Now: Creativity, Addiction & Redemption w/ Artist Blackcat Charlie Smith

Kris Krüg's MØTLEYKRÜG Podcast by Kris Krüg (KK)

Episode notes

In this podcast episode, Chris Krug and Charlie Smith discuss their experiences at Burning Man, the intersection of art, technology, and community, and the importance of storytelling and self-expression. They highlight the need for platforms that incorporate artists' visions and help others understand the creative mind.

Charlie shares his journey of sobriety and his struggles with addiction. He also discusses his metal sculptural art and his involvement in community-building art projects. They touch on the power of art to unite people across geographical boundaries and the importance of being present and authentic at Burning Man.

Artist Statement of the Now "The day is short and filled with consistent challenges, sociological stressors, political nightmares, and communication breakdowns. The work I'm producing is a p ... 

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