Burning Man Art Projects: Uncle Charlie's Red Hot Cock & Tyson Ayer's Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance

Kris Krüg's MØTLEYKRÜG Podcast by Kris Krüg (KK)

Episode notes

Greetings, internet explorers! Tune in to today's episode as head back to Burning Man.

Your host, Kris Krüg takes you on a journey through two mind-bending art projects that have defined the essence of the festival.

🎨 Uncle Charlie's Red Hot Cock: From inception to execution, discover how a ragtag band of merry misfits crafted a fire-breathing spectacle that rocked the playa.

🎹 Tyson Ayer's Shrine of Sympathetic Resonance: Dive into the creation process of an architectural marvel, the Shrine, built with piano harps and grand pianos. Listen to the melodies and stories that resonate within  ... 

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